Experiences for all.


If you like storytelling, gaming or creating art, we have an experience for you.

Here is a list of our current commercial offerings for our arcade:

Everyday Experiences
-Job Simulator: An absolute fan favorite!  Simulate four jobs- store clerk, gourmet chef, auto mechanic or office worker.  
-The Lab: A great introduction to VR!  It has everything from virtual tourism to gaming, including a fan favorite Longbow game where you can defend your castle with a bow and arrow!
-Rec Room: Multiplayer action!  Everything from paintball and dodge ball, to joining with friends and battling through dungeons.   
-Google Earth VR: Go anywhere in the world and see it like you're actually there!
-Google Blocks: Design anything in 3D!  We'll email you your design or help you work with the Akron Makerspace to 3D print your design.