The NEw Territory Story

Ever since Bill and Grace Myers started building immersive technology experiences in 2015 out of their one bedroom apartment, New Territory has formed incredible partnerships with organizations such as eBay, Goodyear and the Bounce Innovation Hub just to name a few. The team they've built out has been delighted to serve the community through an esports organization, VR arcade and an augmented reality development studio with customers from all over the world. Not only does New Territory create magical experiences for customers, but it has built a family-like office culture and community in Akron, Ohio around the mission of bringing brand experiences to life to companies all over the globe...let's meet the team!

Our Team

Bill Myers

CEO and Founder

Grace Myers

Grace is the Co-Founder of New Territory.  She handles a lot of the back-end tasks that come with running the business.  Grace grew up in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and loves the outdoors.


Alizeh Khalifa

Head of Marketing

Phil Woodroof

Content Developer

Bill is passionate about immersive technology and how it will change the world over the next several years. He is always trying to share this technology with others because he is convinced that VR/AR will radically transform our lives both at play and at work.

Grant Schuchter

Sales Intern


Development Intern

Gus is the Director of Human Resources. He monitors team performance and works to keep everyone upbeat and motivated. In his little free time, Gus enjoys naps on his favorite chair as well as finding and hiding spare socks.


Head of Human Resources

The Possibilities Are Endless

VR/AR can be used to expand knowledge, awareness, and understanding through designed experiences for virtually any industry. Our creative team will work with you to create a truly unique and effective adventure.